Birding & Wildlife Watching


Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park alone provides habitat for more than 200 bird species. The rest of Lac La Biche Region isn’t far behind. Shorebirds and waterbirds like pelicans, herons and grebes are common, along with birds of prey like eagles, ospreys and owls.

Watchable Wildlife

Part of Lac La Biche Region’s charm is just how close it brings you to nature. Remember to keep your distance from wild neighbours and avoid disturbing any wildlife you encounter. 

 Note: Feeding wildlife encourages unnatural and potentially dangerous behaviour. Don’t do it.

 Lac La Biche Region is bear country. Most bears would rather avoid humans, but take precautions to prevent any problems. Be bear smart.

This page features photos from the following local photographers: Cory Johnson, Jason Caine, Mel Skladan, Girish Panicker and Donna Feledichuk.

Wildlife Photography

Looking to capture the magic of Canada's boreal forest and stunning lakeland? Local award winning photographer Donna Feledichuk offers private day tours throughout the year. From Great Grey Owls in the winter to moose in the fall, this experience will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for those new to northern Alberta: